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Where every dental visit is an adventure for kids of all ages.

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When your child walks out happy and smiling from the dentist, you know they did a GREAT JOB!

- Miriam A

I want to applaud the employees here at this place they were remarkable outstanding and above all hospitable with smiling faces. They were professional and at same time respectful and courteous. I have never been treated so good, thank you very much for everything.

- David Franco

Amazing customer service, staff is super friendly and attentive. They answer any questions and concerns. If you are looking for a family dentist office, they are the place to go!

- Nicole A

Meet the San Antonio Perrin Smile Magic Team

Dr. George Fernandez
Dr. George Fernandez

Dr. Fernandez loves helping people get their smile back both literally and physically. His goal is to help kids enjoy the dentist as much as possible. Dr. Fernandez enjoys the friendly local community, spending time with his family and friends, hunting, fishing, snowboarding and traveling. He attended the University of Nevada for both his undergrad and dental school.

Family and Kid-Friendly Features

  • SiteIcons-Purple-Arcade (2)Arcade
  • Site Icons-165Draw Alive VR
  • icon-massage-chair@2xMassage Chairs
  • icon-treasure@2xToys and Treasures

SiteIcons-Purple-Arcade (2)Arcade

Play to WIN

What kid doesn’t love Arcade Games? Smile Magic is happy to offer kid-friendly games for families as they wait for their appointment.


Site Icons-165Draw Alive VR

Draw Alive VR

Come and experience our state of the art technology using our draw alive vr where your child’s creations will come to life.

Draw Alive VR

icon-massage-chair@2xMassage Chairs

Relax, We’ll Take it From Here

We weren’t joking when we said stress-free! Get the true Smile Magic royal treatment when you relax in our Massage Chairs.


icon-treasure@2xToys and Treasures

Adventure Awaits

Your adventure begins when you first step foot into the wonderful kingdom of Smile Magic. Collect gold coins, crowns, treasure, and maybe even meet Charlie the Chipmunk!


Fun For Children,
Stress Free For You

Parents, we’ve got it all covered. Come in and experience the joy of taking your kids on an exciting dental adventure.

The Parent Experience

Fun For Children,
Stress Free For You

Parents, we’ve got it all covered. Come in and experience the joy of taking your kids on an exciting dental adventure.


Guilt free dentistry: We provide the peace of mind you need as a parent, knowing your child is comfortable at the dentist.


We partner with you: Parents have the option to sit in the room or view their child’s appointment from our Charlie Cam.


No-work zone for parents: We’ll take care of your kids. You simply sit back and feel good about giving your child the best smile.


The flexibility you need: Parents are busy, so we provide flexibility for you and your kids with extended hours and same-day treatments.


Family Dentistry

Smile Magic offers the best experience for children and families. With our unique approach to a fun, happy, and welcoming dental experience, our patients can’t wait to come back!

Memory-Free Dentistry

We realize that not every child will be excited about going to the dentist, no matter how fun and colorful it is. Smile Magic is happy to offer Memory-Free Dentistry to patients with a lot of anxiety about going to the dentist.

Smile Magic of San Antonio Perrin Makes Going to the Dentist Fun, Happy & Welcoming!

We treat every child like royalty with individual attention and incredible care. Our team makes it a priority to create a welcoming and joyful dental experience for you and your children.

From the moment you walk in our doors, you will feel the magic. Our colorful lobby here at Smile Magic of San Antonio Perrin is a kingdom where kids can play without worries. The adventure continues throughout your visit with gold coins, royal crowns, and treasure. Even our wallpaper is a storybook of the brave adventures of Charlie the Chipmunk!

The Child Experience

Hours of Operation
12012 Perrin Beitel Suite #101, San Antonio, TX 78217

Smile Magic, a Practice to be Proud of

Smile Magic was created to make going to the Dentist fun.

Our founders, Dr. Chad Evans and Emmet Scott have 12 children between their two families, so they know first-hand how stressful going to the dentist can be. In 2010 they set out to create a dental office that is fun, happy, and welcoming for all families.

Smile Magic Family Dental Offices include colorful lobbies where kids can play and run free without any concerns for the parents. Each location is equipped with a number of features to entertain children, including storybook wallpaper of Charlie the Chipmunk, gold coins, crowns, treasure, and much more!


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