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The Smile Magic Experience ™

At Smile Magic, we believe that every child deserves to have a magical experience at the dentist office and we carry that belief in everything we do. We take special pride in designing a unique experience in each of our locations and every Smile Magic appointment promises to be an adventure.


The Smile Magic Kingdom: What to Expect

Enter the Smile Magic Kingdom at every office for a magical experience where young patients are treated like royalty. Watch some of the most popular family-friendly movies on our jumbo theater screens, play your favorite video games on the Xbox or Play Station, or get lost in a mystical indoor playground. Every office has a royal concierge to serve nutritious snacks and help you on your journey. At Smile Magic, we believe that every patient should be treated like royalty.


The Smile Magic Adventure: Our Team

Going to the dentist can be scary for some young patients, but at Smile Magic, we make every appointment an adventure that kids look forward to. Once they are summoned as royalty to be served dutifully by our dedicated dentists and hygienists, they are given magical gold coins for every step of their journey. They also follow the story of fellow patient Charlie the Chipmunk through colorful murals along the way. Ceiling-mounted televisions are a great distraction in several offices, as are the latest video games.


The Smile Magic Reward: Patient Aftercare

Every appointment culminates with a crowning ceremony where young patients are crowned a Smile Magic Prince or Princess. The gold coins earned by our young royalty along the way can be traded in for magical treats to take home after every appointment.

Smile Magic’s philosophy is to make every dental appointment a positive one by giving each patient “the royal treatment.” What was once an experience filled with trepidation for both children and parents has now become not just easy but an exciting and fun experience, as well.


Every visit to a Smile Magic office is magical. We are a family orientated place that provides a variety of financial options. In addition to accepting most insurances, we also accept credit cards and Medicaid. We have locations across Texas including the Dallas area, San Antonio area, and El Paso area. Visit our office locator page for specific details about each location.

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